About Cozy Giraffe

Most people have an idea of what they want in their space, I'm sure you do too.


I'm Callie, owner of Cozy Giraffe, a family-owned company based in Cedar Park, Texas just outside Austin.   I help DIY decorators create the space of their dreams by providing sewing services using fabric you purchase.  I'm happy to do the shopping for you as well if you want.


When I'm not sewing or hanging out with my family, I am enjoying coffee or great food with friends, doing home improvement projects, or volunteering at my kids’ schools.

  • Make a house a home by adding pillows to furniture, cushions to built-in window seats, or curtains to windows.

  • Don't love anything you see in the stores? It's not the right color, texture or size?

  • Don't have the time, patience, or skill set to make something custom?

Cozy Giraffe is here for you! 

Not everyone can afford a designer and not everyone needs one.  If you know what you want in your home but don't have the know-how, patience, or time for the sewing projects involved, then Cozy Giraffe is your answer.  

Cozy Giraffe specializes in cozy accessories for your home including handmade pillows, cushions, throw blankets, and some window treatments.   Spend a fraction of the cost of a designer because you buy your fabric from anywhere, not just high-end designer fabric books.

My Story

When I was young, I learned two things that have stuck with me to this day.  First, to be frugal.  Second, how to sew.  When I moved into my first apartment, my sewing machine came with me.  For my bedroom, I made curtains out of sheets that I found on clearance to go with my $30 bed in a bag.  When I was expecting my first baby (a boy) I tried to find cute nursery bedding but all I could find was animals, transportation, and firetrucks.  I wanted something cute but not cliche.  I ended up spending less than a nursery set and made him a fabulous, designer-look nursery.   For my second boy, I liked a fabric I'd seen that had sock monkeys on it but it wasn't available except as a custom order and was over $650 for a crib skirt, sheet, and blanket.  I spent about $150 on fabric and made that plus a bumper, two pillows for the rocking chair, and a curtain.  I realized there may be other people out there who find these awesome items that are way overpriced and want to get the look for a lot less.  It's possible and I wanted to help them do it so I began Cozy Giraffe.

My most common project is custom-sized window seat cushions.  Benches in kitchen nooks or on window seats are always a custom size, and Cozy Giraffe can make a cushion to fit it perfectly.  Take a look at the cushions we've made in our portfolio to see pictures.

Contact Me

Let me know what you want made!  Go to the quote page and start a quote for your project.  It's okay if you don't have all the dimensions, rough dimensions will work for most quotes.  Also feel free to email me (callie@cozygiraffe.com) or message me on Facebook (@cozygiraffe) using the link below.